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Chandelier Master has over ten years’ experience in all aspects of chandelier service to commercial establishments across the US. Chandelier Master now offers this same expertise in chandelier cleaning, installation and restoration to homeowners as well.....Read more >>

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Before doing a chandelier installation, our specialists study the space you’ve chosen and visualize your chandelier in that space. Their extensive experience enables them to determine the exact chandelier height and positioning, from the standpoints of both aesthetics and safety...Read more >>


Installing a motor will eliminate the need for high-rise ladders and/or scaffolding, which is liable to complicate the service and make it more expensive (be it chandelier restoration , cleaning, repair or simply bulb replacement). Through us you will be able to order 100, 200 or 300 pound motors at below market prices...Read more >>

Restoration work

Chandelier restoration and chandelier cleaning can be carried out in place at your home. At Chandelier Master we specialize in: Rewiring chandeliers from Europe to make them compatible with American electrical standards.Read more >>

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