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Professional Chandelier Restoration with Chandelier Master

Chandelier Restoration

Chandelier restoration and chandelier cleaning are an essential part of beautiful home or business. Effective chandelier cleaning unleashes the true beauty of your elegant work of art.

Chandelier Master is a company specializing in chandelier restoration and Chandelier cleaning— a company worthy of your trust.

Cleaning and Restoration

Anyone who has tried it realizes that cleaning a chandelier is a difficult and time-consuming task. Most chandeliers contain hundreds of tiny and delicate pieces. Not only is the job painstakingly precise, but also it is a sensitive project.

Since chandelier are made of metals such as brass, bronze, silver, and crystals, chandelier cleaners must be careful to use the exact polish formulas for the chandelier parts. Using typical household cleaners may damage chandeliers.

Chandelier Master uses select polish formulas for each metal, allowing the chandelier’s natural brilliant luster to be seen. High-quality polish formulas also protect chandelier metals and crystals, providing protection long after the cleaning.
Be sure to contact Chandelier Master to guarantee that your chandelier is cleaned and cared for properly.

On-site Location

Chandeliers don’t relocate well. Even for the most exacting and demanding jobs, we perform cleaning, restoration, upgrades, and all other renovations onsite. We bring all the necessary tools and equipment to provide us with access to your chandelier. In addition, we ensure the surrounding area or furniture is protected.

You simply enjoy the finished product.

European Rewiring Conversion

Chandeliers from Europe are wired in a way that makes them incompatible with American electrical standards. Chandelier Master performs a complete rewiring to bring European chandeliers in line with all relevant electrical codes. The wiring process for a chandelier can be complex, so it is important to work with a professional chandelier service company when configuring European chandeliers for use in the United States.

Chandelier Upgrades

Chandelier Master will upgrade antique candelabra chandeliers to modern electric chandeliers. We bring all the chandelier parts, and allow you to enjoy the elegance of your antique chandelier with the convenience and brilliance of electric chandelier lamps.

Chandelier Repair

Chandeliers can malfunction. If your chandelier is short-circuiting, flickering, dimming incorrectly or simply broken in someway, Chandelier Master can help. Our full-service chandelier repair will make your chandelier work perfectly.

New Home Chandelier Restoration

When you’re moving, chandeliers need special attention. Don’t leave the care of your priceless chandelier up to luck or chance. Chandelier Master will take care of your chandelier from the beginning of the process to the end. For chandelier storage, chandelier installation, chandelier maintenance, and chandelier motor installation, we assist during the whole process.

Your chandelier is an investment that demands the highest quality in care and maintenance. Protect your investment, and care for your art in the best way possible. Contact Chandelier Master.

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