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About us

Chandelier Master has over ten years’ experience in all aspects of chandelier service to commercial establishments across the US. Chandelier Master now offers this same expertise in cleaning, installation and restoration to homeowners as well.

The Master at work

Chandelier Master’s experience and know-how cover the full range of chandeliers, from fine antiques to modern reproductions. Our magic touch will brighten any chandelier or light fixture. No job is too great, or too small, for Chandelier Master’s specialized team.

Chandelier and lighting customers often require additional services. Chandelier Master is prepared to offer those needed extras: assembly, moving, unpacking, high dusting and motor installation.

Chandelier Master’s specialty is Chandelier restoration. We clean the body and minute components of each chandelier and light fixture with the utmost care and precision. We take pride in what we leave behind on display in the customer’s home. The sparkling beauty of expertly restored chandeliers is a visual testimony to Chandelier Master’s mastery of the profession.

Give us a call today at 1-866-788-0006, and see the Chandelier.

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